The National AIDs/STI control program (NASCOP) oversees provision of HIV Care and Treatment Services for persons living with HIV (PLHIV) nationally.

The management of PLHIV can be complex and challenging due to its lifelong nature and use of combination therapy and the potential for presence of multiple co-morbidities.

NASCOP has established a National HIV clinical Support Center (NHCSC) in Nairobi to support management of HIV infected patients. The call center supports both Service providers managing HIV infected persons in health facilities and also patients receiving HIV care services. This call center allows the patients and clients at large to call in and be directed to appropriate service delivery points and also handle concerns that may arise related to their care and management.

The call Centre is also used by service providers as a consultation platform for management of difficult patient cases encountered. This initiative provides the opportunity to embrace telemedicine technology in the HIV program.

The end results will be increased access to HIV services by PLHIV and decreased barriers to consultation resulting in improved quality of HIV services offered by service providers. It will also contribute to improved adherence and retention in care among patients.

The call center being a national center services the entire country and is part of the national mentorship cascade of care.

Functions of NHCSC

  • Clinical decision-making support
    • Uliza! Clinicians’ HIV toll free Hotline (0800-72-48-48)
    • Email consultation service: currently using
    • Incorporates and strengthens 3rd line TWG (now the National HIV Clinical TWG)
    • Clinical eResource Center: Has regularly updates resource materials, publications etc.
  • Patient support systems
    • Patient toll free hotline (0800-72-48-48)
    • Directory of services
    • SMS notification service
  • Capacity building
    • Training
    • Mentorship
    • Online CPDS
    • E-discussion forum
  • Quality assurance

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