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MOH Conducts Countrywide HIV & AIDS 2024 DQA/SQA Exercise

In a significant move to improve HIV control in the country, the Ministry of Health, through National AIDS & STI Control Program (NASCOP), with support from The Global Fund is undertaking an integrated Data Quality Assessment and Service Quality Assessment (DQA/SQA) in selected health facilities across the country. The two (2) week collaborative exercise is focusing on assessing HIV/AIDS and gender-based violence key indicators to identify strengths and weaknesses in data reporting and steer best practices.

The DQA seeks to ensure that healthcare workers are mentored to reduce data quality errors and improve concordance, and the SQA provides remedial interventions in service delivery to improve health outcomes for all clients.

The objectives of the exercise are to assess the capacity of data management and reporting systems to generate quality data; assess the completeness and accuracy of site-level data across the different sources and service points (Commodity and service); develop and track implementation of DQI action plans and; evaluate the level of quality of service offered at the health facility based on the set standards and recommendations within the updated national ART Guidelines.

Reported data from all HIV/AIDS program areas will provide a basis for corrective actions in the quality of health care provided to all clients, preventing and reducing morbidity and mortality from illness, and ensuring the nation meets the UNAIDS 95-95-95 target by 2030 across all populations, as well as end AIDS in children by 2027.

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