Strategic Information Management Unit

One of the key functions of the National AIDS & STI Control Programme (NASCOP) is to provide national level statistics as related to HIV health sector programing. The SI Unit is a key cross-cutting unit that is mandated to carry out this function.

Vision: Quality HIV information for all

Mission: To ensure high quality HIV data generation, transmission, analysis & interpretation, use, feedback and dissemination; so as to inform sound HIV policy and decisions.

Motto: 3D – Do, Document and Disseminate

“In God we trust; all others must bring data”

Key Objectives

  • To optimize the generation and use of HIV programme data so as to improve data quality and also ensure that patient management is also improved over time
  • To increase data usage through capacity building with counties
  • To increasingly implement surveillance and surveys so as to obtain relevant outcome and impact data to improve HIV programming; and
  • To increasingly use innovative technologies to ensure that HIV programme data is availed in a timely manner when it is required

The key objectives when optimally met should result in provision of strategic information required for enabling the country to reach HIV epidemic control.


The SI Unit is divided into three sub-units namely: Monitoring and Evaluation, Surveillance and Health Informatics.

Coordination of HIV Programme SI in Kenya

There are three main technical working groups (TWG) through which coordination of the HIV programme SI is done.

These are:

  • Multi-sectoral TWG – This is co-chaired by NACC and NASCOP
  • M&E TWG – Co- chaired by NASCOP and HIS

This has two sub-committees namely:

  • Data quality and reporting sub committee
  • Capacity Building sub committee
  • Health Informatics TWG – Chaired by NASCOP

This has two sub-committees namely:

  • Surveillance, Research and Surveys sub-committee
  • National EMR Data-warehouse sub-committee

The TWGs meet quarterly while the relevant sub committees meet monthly or as often as required.