Thursday , October 17 2019

Adult Brochure


The Kenya Population-based HIV Impact Assessment (KENPHIA) is a Government of Kenya survey on HIV that is being led by the Ministry of Health (MOH).

KENPHIA will determine the state of health of the Kenyan population and  the number of people living with HIV. To do this, the survey will interview approximately 36,000 randomly selected individuals across 47 counties in Kenya and collect lab samples to determine their HIV status, as well as:

  • Syphilis
  • Hepatitis B
  • Nutritional status among minors and pregnant women

KENPHIA is for you!

KENPHIA is a national survey primarily about HIV.  The survey is in the interest of the nation and requires the support of everyone. KENPHIA is for me, you, our families and community.

KENPHIA is for Kenyans and by Kenyans for the benefit of our nation.


HIV is a disease that has impacted our families and communities, and is affecting the lives of many people that we know. It is important that we clearly understand what the HIV epidemic looks like in Kenya today.

  • KENPHIA will help us know how many people in Kenya have HIV and need health services.
  • The survey will provide the Ministry of Health with information to improve the quality of HIV treatment and other services, so that Kenya can move towards an HIV-free generation.
  • Your participation will help your entire community by providing the Ministry of Health with valued information that will be used to develop more effective programs to fight HIV and improve the health of Kenyans.

Participate in KENPHIA and get free counseling and testing for HIV, Hepatitis B, and Syphilis in the privacy of your home

  • Trained and certified KENPHIA staff will give free HIV testing and counseling to all participants.
  • Testing for hepatitis B and syphilis will also be done for pre-selected participants.
  • KENPHIA will bring health services to your doorstep at no cost.

You will get test results for HIV, and for those pre-selected, hepatitis B and syphilis test results on the same day. All of this will be done in the privacy and comfort of your home.

If you choose to participate,

  • you will have the chance to learn about your health that same day.
  • If you test positive for HIV, syphilis or Hepatitis B, you will be referred for care at the nearest health facility.
  • If you are HIV positive, getting tested and treated early will allow you to live a longer and healthier life.

If living with HIV, KENPHIA will measure your viral load

With your permission, we will provide additional testing if you test positive for HIV. These additional tests will bring out more information about your health that will help connect you to important HIV treatment.

  • The KENPHIA team will measure your HIV viral load, which is the amount of HIV in your blood.
  • KENPHIA staff will then provide referral forms to connect you to nearby care and treatment facilities with your permission.
  • With your permission, KENPHIA staff will make sure results for your HIV viral load are sent to the nearest health facility of your choice.
  • If you already know you are HIV-positive, you can also get these tests for free so that your doctor monitors how you are doing.

Participation in KENPHIA is easy

  • KENPHIA field team will visit approximately 20,000 households that were randomly selected from all across Kenya.
  • The KENPHIA teams will include nurses, laboratory technicians and interviewers.
  • All KENPHIA field team members will carry identification and will be dressed in KENPHIA labeled clothing.
  • If your household is selected to participate in the KENPHIA survey, the field team will visit your household. All men, women, and children in your household are encouraged to participate by responding to questions and getting tested voluntarily.
  • Men, women, and children of all ages can participate in the survey regardless of their HIV status.
  • Before completing a questionnaire and conducting the HIV tests, permission will be obtained from all participants. With your permission, KENPHIA team will test your children too.
  • This survey wants to hear from young people too so that the MOH can improve youth-friendly services to help them stay healthy.

Although the survey will cover all parts of Kenya, it will only include the selected households

  • Some selected households will have people living with HIV but other households may not include any people living with HIV.
  • All adults and individuals aged between 15 – 64 years in selected households will be asked to take part in the survey.
  • Children aged 0-14 years, with permission from parents/guardians will also take part in the survey. Though not all households selected will have their children participate in the survey.

KENPHIA will maintain strict confidentiality

  • Your answers and test results are confidential. KENPHIA survey teams are specially trained to keep your information private and confidential.
  • You will be given an ID number and your name will be kept separate from your answers to the questions.
  • Only people working on the survey will have access to the information collected during the survey.
  • The KENPHIA visit to your home is private. The KENPHIA team will not tell anyone what you say during the survey. They will not tell anyone your test results.
  • You can choose the location where you speak with survey staff.
  • You can also choose to skip any question or stop the survey at any time. Nothing bad will happen if you do not participate or stop the survey.